IO-004-JCardS* + MVK
Hi-Bias TDK Metal Tape Cassette (60 min)
full-colour j-card |
colour sticker print
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Side A & B – S* + MVK

design by fairypunk & q.c.

IO/004  ––– an unrestrained yet at times delicate channelling of improvisation from s* and MVK, recorded live in one take on 03 July 2008 at STEIM, Amsterdam, shortly after the passing of founder and experimental “crackle” performer Michel Waisvisz. Shifting between waves of noise and ambiance, loops and events, Thunderklap is a personal requiem for Michel. Equipment: turntablist set-up with digital vinyl system for source samples; STEIM homebuilt analogue synthesizer; laptop digital signal processing.

Matthijs Vincent Kouw — is a Dutch sound-artist and experimental composer exploring the relation between movement and stasis by juxtaposing drones with more dynamic counter-elements — a process that may be called “kinetic engineering.” Using a wide variety of sources which are persistently regurgitated (ranging from field recordings to synthesised material), Matthijs has recorded under the monikers swerve, mvk, and matthijs vincent kouw (1998 – present). He has presented music for theatre (2001, 2002), music for dance pieces by performance artist Lisa Marie Patzer (2001), and Ina Senftleben (2005, 2006), music for film (2003), sound installations (2001, 2004, 2005, 2009), collaborations with Radboud Mens (2002 – present), Luc Doebereiner (2004 – 2005), and with Markus Wenninger and Claudia Steens as a member of the “Unknown Violent Event Ensemble” (2004 – 2005). From 1999 to 2003, Matthijs hosted an experimental electronic show on Amsterdam’s infamous Radio 100. [ MVK on myspace ]

s* –––  offworld improviser riding on beams of sound and light. IO.SOUND is her imprint.


This is apparently an improvisation between MVK and S*. I’m unfamiliar with both. Could be their weird cyberpunknames. Not sure who’s playing what really and despite a slight lack of dynamics, this is fairly cohesive improvisational work on electronics which I’m fully behind. In fact Thunderklap brings it fairly raw in a way that I like, not sure which of the two players is doing the crude zone but it is heated. The hazy synth work is less my bag but hey it could easily be yours right? (Alexander Moskos)