ye annunaki

Annunaki / IO

Welcome Back, Ye Annunaki

November 16 – December 21, 2012
510 Fort Street, 2nd floor
Victoria, BC, Canada

Opening Reception: Friday, November 16, 6pm
Welcome Potluck hosted by Mary-Anne McTrowe
Sound performance by s* (IO SOUND)
Job Interviews by Cindy Baker & Megan Morman

* featuring a sound installation by s* of IO SOUND, playing:

(( return of the 12th planet )) (RADIUS 32)
(( alien ambient )) (IO SOUND COLLECTIVE)

Welcome Back Ye Annunaki is a showcase of works answering the question How would you host an ancient alien? The artists in the exhibition responded to an international call for proposals inspired by Zecharia Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles, a book detailing how the human species originated from extra-terrestrial beings. These distant relatives are scheduled to return to the earth in December 2012.

Participating artists have proposed a variety of convivial acts to welcome Annunaki families from the planet Nibiru upon their return visit to earth after a 3,600 year orbit. The projects take a variety of forms, from an intergalactic calling card, to a bed away from home, collegial gestures of kindness that reveal the customs that we embrace as human citizens of earth.

Welcome Back Ye Annunaki provides a constructive take on Sitchin’s mythology, one of the many associated with the year 2012.

Welcome Back Ye Annunaki has been organized by Ted Hiebert and Doug Jarvis, members of the artist collective Noxious Sector.